To Life! Celebrating Sheldon Harnick

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The 2nd Annual American Songbook Association Gala

To Life! Celebrating Sheldon Harnick

Monday, September 16, 2019 at 7:30 pm

The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre
at the Pershing Square Signature Center

Photos by Genevieve Rafter Keddy

Sheldon Harnick
Photo: Margery Gray Harnick

A SRO crowd was treated to an evening of top-notch entertainment as the American Songbook Association named Sheldon Harnick the recipient of its 2019 ASA Lifetime Achievement Award. With Klea Blackhurst as host, the evening moved smoothly from one performer to the next, ending with the presentation of the award to Sheldon by his good friend Deborah Grace Winer. Here are photos of the performers, in order of appearance, with the title of the song they performed, as well as candid shots from before and after the Gala.

Kissy Simmons
Klea Blackhurst
“Boston Beguine”
Marilyn Lester, ASA Executive Director
Carolyn Montgomery
Director of the ASA Education & Outreach Program
Adam Heller
“When Messiah Comes”
Danny Bacher
“Sabbath Prayer”
(L-R) Melanie Moore, Alexandra Silber, Samantha Massell
Brad Oscar
“Blonde Blues”
Liz Callaway
“When Did I Fall in Love”
Jeff Harnar (L) & Alex Rybeck
“Politics and Poker”/”Little Tin Box”
Alan Schmuckler
“Now I Have Everything”
Rhyn McLemore Saver (accompanied by Jeffrey Saver) “I Couldn’t Be with Anyone but You”
Ed Dixon
Sidney Myer
“Here in Eden”
Judy Kuhn
“Vanilla Ice Cream”
Robert Cuccioli
“In My Own Lifetime”
Steven Skybell
“Ven Ikh Bin Rothschild” (“If I Were a Rich Man” in Yiddish)
Craig Pomranz, ASA Board Member
Reading the letter from Mayor Bill de Blasio
Alexandra Silber
“Dear Sweet Sewing Machine”
Deborah Grace Winer and Sheldon Harnick
Eugene Gwozdz
Music Director
Tom Hubbard
Mark McLean
Sheldon with his wife, Margery Gray Harnick
Sheldon with Marilyn Lester and Frank Dain
Sheldon with Klea Blackhurst
Sheldon with Judy Kuhn
Sheldon with Robert Cuccioli
Sheldon with Deborah Grace Winer
Sheldon with Craig Pomranz and the letter from Mayor de Blasio
Sheldon with Alex Rybeck (L) and Jeff Harnar
Sheldon with Steven Skybell
Sheldon with Karen Akers
Sheldon with Jamie de Roy (L) and Judy Kuhn