Welcome to the American Songbook Association Inc.

The ASA seeks to create transformational experiences for all ages by
engaging in the music of the American Songbook, classic and new.

The ASA envisions a world where music is a common language of unity,
empowerment, and opportunity.

We believe in the power of music. By creating accessibility to music
through the Great American Songbook, we can be a catalyst for
positive change, developmental growth, and a better sense of self.
Regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, geographical location,
or any other cultural dimension, we believe that the language of
music, in song and lyrics, can break down barriers and build

What is the Great American Songbook?
The Great American Songbook represents popular music of the 20th and
21st centuries including jazz, musical theater, and classic standards that
have remained widely known and reimagined by a wide range of artists
since their original recordings. The notional idea of the “Songbook”
originated in the 1930s and ’40s before American musical taste began to
rapidly expand to include other forms of music including country,
bluegrass, and rock, particularly in the ’50s. Although many associate
the Great American Songbook with music from the early 20th century,
the ASA Songbook itself is still being writeen.

What We Do
We leverage the rich tradition of the Great American Songbook (Jazz,
Musical Theater, Standards) as an educational foundation to create
programming in three key areas:

Publication of Cabaret Scenes Magazine – Our bi-monthly
publication raises awareness of the Great American Songbook
and engages readers through articles, reviews, interviews, and
promotion of cabaret events

Educational Programs in New York City Public Schools and the
tri-state area – Our school programs are a catalyst for students
in building confidence, expanding their vocabulary, and
discovering their own unique voice. Though some interested
participants will receive low or no cost advanced musical
instruction, moving on to attend performing arts high schools,
our focus is not on producing professional musicians. We seek
to promote the development of students’ cultural capital through
exposure to classic American music. We create better public
speakers, independent thinkers and, most important, aspirants
for a successful future.

Engagement Programs for Seniors
Our programs for seniors stimulate their minds, create a sense of belonging, and promote better overall well-being.

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American Songbook Association Inc. Is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in New York State.