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  1. Sharon OCONNELL

    Hello Frank,
    I am writing about our mutual friend, Peter Leavy. I’ve just returned from a long trip to Ireland. Peter had been a friend of my family, in particular my sister but the all of us, since I was 16. He’s been a part of our lives for many decades & his absence is sorely felt.

    I’m writing now to ask that if you know of special tributes ahead, I’d most appreciate your letting me know. I know the 95th Birthday Celebration brought him so much joy, happily not so long ago.

    Good thoughts, and many thanks, Sharon O’Connell

    1. Frank Dain

      HI Sharon,
      Thank you for writing. AS of now, there are no immediate plans for a memorial. Our July/August issue will feature a reprint of an article on Peter from 2010. We are also accepting remembrances of Peter from family, friends, and colleagues. If you would like to contribute to it, you can send your thoughts to by May 30.