July/August 2024

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July/August 2024
Volume XXIX No. 4

Remembering Peter Leavy
38th MAC Awards
Andrea Marcovicci and Maude Maggart
That Personal Connection
By Elliot Zwiebach
Project Angel Food Our Name Is Barbra
Introducing Billy Barnes A Benefit Concert
Adela & Larry Elow
American Songbook High School Competition

New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles
Palm Springs, New Jersey/Pennsylvania
Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia, National
ASA Donors
Cabaret Listings

Cabaret Reviews
Ari Axelrod, Nicholas Barrón, Anna Bergman, Klea Blackhurst
Stephanie Byer, Comedy Tonight: Lee Roy Reams, Tom Culver
Brewer Daniels, Melissa Errico,Nicky Gayner, Ken Greves
Hamptons Summer Songbook by the Sea,Niki Haris
Storm Large, Patti LuPone, Karen Mason, Sally Mayes
Mardie Millit, Billy Mitchell, New Artists Showcase
Heather Parcells & Diane Phelan, Lisa Faith Phillips
Craig Pomranz & Michael Roberts
Yael Rasooly & Daniel Rein, Michael Rider
Alice Ripley & John McDaniel
Jennifer Roberts, Roger Schmelzer, Bob Simonello
Dan Thaler, To Life: Sheldon Harnick
M. Can Yasar, John Lloyd Young

CD Reviews
Natalie Douglas, Norm Drubner
Tanya Moberly, Myriam Phiro

Peter Leavy
A Man’s Point of View
By Kathleen Landi
Photo: Heather Sullivan

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