Reeve Carney

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Reeve Carney

The Green Room 42, NYC, March 31, 2019

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Reeve Carney

Reeve Carney is a rocker turned Broadway front man who occasionally puts on his own show on off nights. He does this despite currently performing eight times a week in Hadestown. If that’s not work ethic, it’s most certainly drive. Like a line from one of his own songs—“Intention,” on the CD, Youth Is Wasted—“There is no greater drug than intention.” Put into practice, he’s a creative machine that turns his voice into a triumphant outpouring of high-pitched vocal riffs and his guitar playing into its own art form.

His solos were fierce and spontaneous as he created loops with a guitar slide, creating waves, and used unique tools like violin bows to bring out new sounds.

One of the things that made Carney’s show amazing was the fact that he was a one-man band. For most of the show, he sang and played the guitar. Also, for most of the show, his right foot hit the bass drum pedal and his left foot hit the tambourine. By utilizing looping machines for his guitar riffs he could also step to the piano to add yet another dimension. If his grabbing of a kazoo from his mic stand with his mouth without breaking his tambourine/bass/drum beat and guitar riff didn’t impress you enough, he could put it back in the same way. Then, he grabbed it again and sang with the kazoo hanging out the side of his mouth.

Carney’s original songs had catchy lyrics to go along with the smooth guitar. Part of this is due to his impressive vocalizations, though rock music does emphasize repetitive, idiomatic choruses.

One of the best examples of this was “Checkmate,” which had the memorable chorus, “When love is the power play, Checkmate.

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” Some of the other great performances of the night came on “Resurrection” and “Up Above the Weather.

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” These also featured some of his more profound lyrical statements, such as “If your heart could open up to see yourself the way that I do, you might love me just enough to make it all the way to the Resurrection.” from the former. This is strong advice—to approach life with more self-confidence. Carney will be back to The Green Room 42 soon, so keep a close watch on its schedule.

Chris Struck

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