Marissa Mulder: Two Tickets Left

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Marissa Mulder

Two Tickets Left

Laurie Beechman Theatre, NYC, October 2, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Marissa Mulder

Kindness and beauty are embodied the stage spirit of Marissa Mulder, whose simplicity in style and unique vocal range create an organic thrill. She is a talented singer and artist who can bring an audience into reverie with a well-picked song while remaining true to herself and her ideals. She also knows how to tell a quick story, offering new tidbits in each of her performances which add color to this woman of pure heart and soul, such as recalling moments with her grandfather.

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The two of them once went to the movies during a blizzard in Syracuse and had the theater to themselves. Two Tickets Left at the Beechman launched Mulder’s first studio CD of the same title, and it features an eloquent line-up of contemporary songs greats sung in Mulder’s natural, ballad-ready meandering of volume and range.

Mulder’s song choices varied in genre and time period, but she favored living artists who had demonstrated incredible aptitude and durability in their art. The best were “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (Bernie Taupin/Elton John), “Old Fashioned Hat” (Anaïs Mitchell), and “I Remember” (Stephen Sondheim). Her “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” pulled the heart strings, even for those who are not lovers of Oz, as she dreamily delivered her siren song, “That girl’s too young to be singing the blues…Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” Her path in New York might have been as twisted as Dorothy’s, but as a singer who consistently performs, she certainly has a lot to be proud of; now, she adds a well-received CD to her résumé.

Mulder’s chemistry with pianist Nate Buccieri also added nicely to the show.

His backup vocals on various songs enhanced the evening. The duo’s sound on duets was particularly good and added fluidity to the set. On “Old Fashioned Hat,” he especially caught my attention with the lines, “Go put on something different/we’re going out tonight” and “I’m sorry if I stare.” Her line, “You look like a stranger in that old-fashioned hat,” created a gift of hope for young, amorous love that otherwise remained mostly in the background as she sang.

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