July/August 2023

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July/August 2023
Volume: XXVIII No. 4


ASA|Darrell Henline Award
The American Songbook Meets The Latin-American Songbook
By Harlan James
2023 Bistro Awards
Meet Keith Meritz
Board Member of the American Songbook Association
Richard Holbrook Celebrates a Double Anniversary
By Shannon Hunt
Project Angel Food
54 Celebrates Rita Gardner
ASA Sings Broadway at Greenwood Gardens

New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, London
Los Angeles, Maryland/Virginia/Washington D.C., National
Palm Springs, New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Delaware, San Francisco
ASA Donors
Cabaret Listings

Cabaret Reviews

The Anderson Brothers, Christine Andreas, Lauren Alexis Arnold
ASU Music Theatre Cabarets, Bea Arthur Damn It, Celia Berk
Britt Bonney, Shana Bousard & Brian Runbeck
Margo Brown, Carole J. Bufford
Diane D’Angelo, Lorna Dallas, Susan Derry
Penny Fuller & Anita Gillette, In the Spotlight
Amanda King, Marci Kraft, Sharon McNight
Mark Arthur Miller, Steve Rawlins
Bret Simmons & Dave Howard

CD Reviews
John Allen, Matt Barber
Eric Hoffman & Ken Hatfield, Louis Rosen

Musical Theater Review
Oliver!, Vanities: The Musical

On the Road with
Liz Callaway
by Todd Sussman
Photo by Bill Westmoreland

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