Halpert Evans: Movies, Musicals, and Me: An Evening with Me, Halpert Evans

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Halpert Evans

Movies, Musicals, and Me: An Evening with Me, Halpert Evans

The Duplex, NYC, March 2, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Halpert Evans

A cunning stage persona, Halpert Evans (Al Fallick), brought the ego to match his beyond worldly fame to the intimate stage of The Duplex where we could relish the opportunity to relive his biggest moments on Broadway as the star of “many a movie converted musical.” This spoof of modern Broadway stardom managed to crush the movie-to-musical paradigm while acknowledging tropey New York-isms, like the many “places we used to go.

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” His accompanist, Courtney (Clark Baxtresser) was the luckiest of all of us, though, because he actually got to work with (and take verbal ridicule) from his childhood idol.

Evans’ parody songs (contributed to by Fallick, Baxtresser, and Pierce Siebers) were nothing short of incredible.

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Utterly well done, he started off with “Box of Chocolates” sung as Forrest Gump, a role that he “originated” on Broadway. He featured such Broadway cast album classics as “Zuckerberg” (The Social Network), “The Ballad of Bruce Banner” (The Avengers), and “Force This!” (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Killer line after killer line had me clawing for more, but, as Kylo Ren when he whispered tenderly, “This window into space is like a window into my soul/ Cold, dark, empty, and dark,” I think I might have finally lost it.

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It was then or when he reflected on Mark Ruffalo (who played Hulk in The Avengers) stopping Evans at the opening night party to tell him that he played the role better.

Other aspects of the show that you’ll just have to see were Evans’ ill-fated attempt at getting The Disaster Artist: The Musical to Broadway and Courtney’s Jerry Maguire: The Musical, which he wrote for Evans to play. Wonderfully creative, this duo had a lot of chemistry, and it looks like their roles will be reprised again soon.

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Chris Struck

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