Winter Rhythms 2023

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With current producer Sue Matsuki at the helm, Winter Rhythms 2023 marks the 15th year that Urban Stages welcomes noted musical artists to its stage during the holiday period. Our annual festival has received a Bistro Award for Outstanding Series and the Ruth Kurtzman Benefit Series MAC Award amongst other accolades. Turning Urban Stages theater into an intimate music venue, Winter Rhythms 2023 brings the talents of well-known and up-and-coming singers, musicians, lyricists and composers to the attention of the New York theater community. All proceeds go to Urban Stages’ Outreach, a city-wide program that tours and makes available online free plays and art programming for all ages. Outreach is a key part of Urban Stages’ mission to champion diverse artists and make art, theater, and education available for all.

All tickets are $35 (except Our Opening Night Gala which is $60 and Part 2 of the Algonquin Retrospective which is $40).

All proceeds benefit art, theater, and education (via Urban Stages Outreach Program).

Tickets available at


7:30pm | Michael Colby presents Nights at the Algonquin (Part 1 of Algonquin Retrospective)
A historic evening spotlighting stars of the legendary Oak Room Supper Club.

7:00pm-7:30pm – Champagne and Wine | 7:30pm – The Show!
After The Show – Hors d’oeuvres and Drinks!


7:00pm | Rosemary Loar in STING*chronicity
Rosemary Loar’s STING*chronicity does what all good songbook shows are supposed to do: give you a fresh interpretation on the music of the composer.

9:00pm | And the Winner Is….Ann Talman, Danny Bolero, and Josephine Sanges
Matsuki Productions presents three of this year’s MAC and Bistro Award Winners who will be sharing a bit of each of their award-winning shows on one stage


7:00pm | Celia Berk sings: A Dream and a Song: The Musical Stories of Elizabeth Sullivan
Award-winning vocalist Celia Berk shares highlights from the songbook and writings of Elizabeth Sullivan. 

9:00pm | Sara Louise Lazarus presents Circle Sings
The graduating class from Circle in the Square Theatre School is delighted to be invited back to Urban Stages’ Winter Rhythms Series after their exciting holiday show last year.


3:00pm | Singasium presents Blame it on the Mouse! Celebrating 100 Years of Disney Magic Sinngasium, New York’s first Cabaret and performing arts school, will celebrate the wonder of Disney! Featuring: Natalie Ault, Jenn Bornstein, Bianca Kroening, Justin Dylan Nastro, Julie Salzano, Misako Yamagishi, and Deborah Zecher. Musical Director: Steven Ray Watkins. Directed by: Lennie Watts. For more information please visit:

7:00pm | Patti Bottino-Bravo in ACT 3!
Patti Bottino-Bravo celebrates endings, beginnings, and everything in between with the Gregory Toroian Trio.


1:00pm | Gals Who Squeeze starring Mary Spencer Knapp
A dazzling world music journey through the histories of women who revolutionized the accordion with accordionist, actor and educator Mary Spencer Knapp.

3:00pm | Michael Colby presents Created at the Algonquin (Part 2 of Algonquin Retrospective)
A tribute to songs from musicals written (in part) at the hotel.

7:00pm | Tom Toce presents The Songs of Taylor Swift
Originally presented at the American Popular Song Society last February, Tom Toce presents The Songs of Taylor Swift from her prolific seventeen-year career.


7:00pm | D.C. Anderson Sings All Is Calm, All Is Bright
D.C. Anderson, with music director/pianist Rose Snyder, sings his holiday album All Is Calm, All Is Bright

9:00pm | Diva LaMarr sings: Feel Alright – The Music & Lyrics of Darnell White with Musical Director Darnel White
Diva LaMarr’s impressive career has brought her to stages all over the country and even the high seas. She is accompanied by and pays tribute to Harlem native Darnell White.


7:00pm | Bruce Clough presents From Out of the Blues
A timely, uplifting celebration of bluesy music from the New Orleans region with legendary cabaret artists.

9:00pm | Hannah Jane in Holly Jolly with Hannah Jane
Holly Jolly with Hannah Jane is the musical journey down a snowy lane that you need to get ready for the holiday season.


7:00pm | Michael Kirk Lane with William TN Hall in Merry Almost Christmas
Michael Kirk Lane and William TN Hall reunite for their almost annual holiday show Merry Almost Christmas.

9:00pm | Elizabeth Hayden-Passero in Swingin’ the Blues Away!
Elizabeth Hayden-Passero takes us on a musical journey about love, loss, and never giving up on your dreams.


7:00pm | Matsuki Productions presents Legends that ‘Muse’ Me – Part 1
Four vocalists perform an eclectic program of songs inspired by their favorite legendary singers and songwriters. Featuring: Maria Corsaro (Carmen McRae), Lionel Shockness (Stephen Sondheim), Eva Steinberg (Peggy Lee), and Leslee Warren (Duke Ellington). Musical Director: Gregory Toroian

9:00pm | Matsuki Productions presents Legends that ‘Muse’ Me – Part 2
Four vocalists perform an eclectic program of songs inspired by their favorite legendary singers and songwriters. Featuring: Fred Aiese (Stevie Wonder), Jacqueline Draper (Michel Legrand), Kati Neiheisel (Julie London), and Deborah Stone (Joni Mitchell/Joan Baez). Skip Ward on bass. Musical Director: Gregory Toroian.

3:00pm | Shana Farr in Bernstein to Sondheim: The Barbara Cook Songbook
Shana Farr brilliantly commands the stage and leads the audience on a journey from a young ingénue to a woman full of life experience – that of Barbara Cook and herself.

7:00pm | Marcus Simeone & Tracy Stark in Up, Up& Away: The Songs of Jimmy Webb
With solos and duets, Stark and Simeone take you on a journey through Jimmy Webb’s music and career – one of the most influential and celebrated songwriters in American music history.


3:00pm | Kenny Passerelli & Amy Loper in Forever is Now: A Story of Love, Music & Transformation
Forever Is Now is the romantic and unlikely story of a professional musician and a retired lawyer who fall in love when they are both eligible for Social Security and start writing songs together a few years later.

7:00pm | Tom Toce presents Songs of Hope VI
For the sixth edition of Songs of Hope, Tom Toce joins forces with Winter Rhythms‘ veterans (and award-winning songwriters) Beth Falcone and Ritt Henn to produce a program of optimistic tunes that will have you tapping your toes and wearing rose-colored glasses.