Ladies Night

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Ladies Night

The Duplex, NYC, February 5, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Jessica Sanford led a special group of new performers, including Liz Dikinson, Michelle Noguera, Abby Goldfarb, and Gizel Jiménez, in a Ladies Night showcase. The Duplex hosts quite a few showcases, a fun way to get to know more performers. Often one or two of them stand out. Rarely do the performers come in with complementary styles and it’s rarer yet that one performer stands out when the group shines together like this group did during “Flying Away” (Shining Lives: A Musical) and a fantastic “All Girl Band” (A…My Name Is Alice).

However, Sanford’s clean, crisp voice moved through her wide range with depth and poise. A graceful singer, she’s starting out well by impressing her audience with a fresh sound as she took a stunning lead in “Flying Away.
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” Her personal, yet self-deprecating lyrics, to her own “Until Then”—such as “I am a woman who keeps things to herself/ Puts her feelings on a shelf”—made it easy to be positively affected by her character as much as her perfectly lined-up range.

After Sanford, Jiminez appeared the most polished and belted, “Sundays” from the new musical, Miss You Like Hell, that will be at The Public Theater starting March 20. Her style screams “musical!” and I’m excited to see her performance.

Goldfarb’s rendition of “Right Hand Man” from Something Rotten was impassioned.  Later, she threatened to put the crowd into a frenzy as she seemed to carve out a niche for her style as the tough teammate with a top-notch voice to match her co-stars.

Dikinson and Noguerra had a little more band-singer orientation. Dikinson’s passion and spunk made her a fiery personality as she eased through “Fairytale” by Sara Bareilles.
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Noguerra’s “Lilac Wine” (James Shelton) was in contrast tender and heartfelt. Another Ladies Night will be at The Duplex soon!

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