Coby Koehl

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Coby Koehl

The Duplex, NYC, November 11, 2017

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Cony Koehl

Coby Koehl brings a touch of eccentricity to a pop-oriented style that suggests the memory of stars such as Prince and Michael Jackson. Dressed in big circular glasses and an electric jacket with glittering green and blue offset by red stripes, he certainly brought the personality.

His set featured a number of songs that have inspired him, as well as some fun originals led by the fan favorite, “Vogue Is My Religion.” Koehl’s work, soon to be released in an album from Aviance Records, combines an upbeat tempo and vibe with a tendency to snip at a particular issue in contemporary society.

While Koehl did briefly mention the album, he used his cabaret show as a celebration of his birthday with his friends. Instead of spending a large amount of time on storytelling, he discussed his thanks for their support of his ambitions, while sliding from song to song.

Their support was not simply platitudes, however, as Koehl demonstrated sufficient range and volume to invigorate his audience. His version of Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” had so much energy that he could have sung it on repeat a few times over and still had us jazzed up.

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He was joined on stage by the gospel trio the Blessins, who balanced him very well. Sirod and Michelle Huchardson and Barry L Parker helped bring a wholesome soul feeling to a set that included a Jewish prayer along with various songs that touched upon religion.

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I’m excited to see how his album release goes. Promotional videos can be found on YouTube.

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