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Don’t Tell Mama, NYC, August 4, 2017

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

(L-R) Josephine Sanges, Celia Berk, Sally Darling, Lisa Viggiano, Meg Flather

The aptly named show, Together, brought “together” the finalists for Female Vocalist from the 2017 MAC Awards: Josephine Sanges, Lisa Viggiano, Sally Darling, Celia Berk, and Meg Flather (the winner). Dressed in comfortable, classy black attire and with musical director John M. Cook on the piano, Together opened with a heartwarming medley of their “opening numbers.” From there, the five showcased their individual talents.

Sanges, credited for the idea of Together, started the group off with “Pure Imaginationof Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory fame. She had a knack for choosing nostalgic songs and impressed with her strong voice and discipline on tough notes. Darling performed her material with characteristic cheekiness. After remarking on world affairs, she excellently delivered comedic lines such as “(at least) an army man can say he’s both a captain and a Queen.

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” Viggiano displayed impressive range with ease in a fun song done by Nat King Cole, “I’m an Errand Girl (Boy) for Rhythm.

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” (Of course, Cole was an errand boy.) Flather put on her saucy version of the “French Song” by Don Tucker. After she followed that up with the beautiful “If” by David Gates, she introduced Berk as their member “fresh off the stage of Carnegie Hall.

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” Berk, with her excellent voice, started a brief tribute by the group to acclaimed composer Stephen Sondheim with a “hidden gem” called “Sand.” They closed by graciously thanking their hosts and praising the efforts of Cook, who juggled their different styles, and had showed his talent on a few piano solos. They also pointed out that Together benefited the Empathy initiative. Having five great performers at Don’t Tell Mama instead of one certainly made for an entertaining evening.

Chris Struck

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