Kevin Carl Beaty: On My Way to Me

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Kevin Carl Beaty

On My Way to Me

Tom Rolla’s Gardenia, West Hollywood, CA, September 22, 2016

Reviewed by Mary Bogue for Cabaret Scenes

kevin-beatty-cabaret-scenes-magazine_212If you read nothing else, read this: Kevin Carl Beaty made his SRO cabaret debut, and it was the best show I have ever seen at the Gardenia! He was seriously funny and exquisitely lyrical in his song styling.

Imagine a party where Uncle Milty, Red Skelton, Jonathan Winters and Carol Burnett show up for non-stop comedic barbs and, in between laughing until your sides hurt, Robert Goulet, Louis Prima, Dean Martin and Judy Garland deliver beautifully crafted songs. This is Kevin Carl Beaty.

While disco lights bounced off the pink Gardenia walls, Beaty made a gigantic, splashy entrance in a vintage smoking jacket and sang “It’s Today” (Jerry Herman). Then he invited all into his “living room,” replete with palm trees, twinkling lights, vintage telephones, lamps, triangular ashtrays on tables with stage cigarettes, and ads for Dippity-do and L’eggs Pantyhose.

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And just when the crowd was able to recover from laughing, Beaty delivered “A Lot of Living’ to Do” (Charles Strouse/Lee Adams) in a warm and beautiful voice, and then wiped his forehead with over-sized $100 dollar bills. The crowd was blown away by his perfect “Something’s Coming” (Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondheim) and so much more. Turning on a dime, he had everyone in stitches as he acted out a scene from Valley of the Dolls and brought Judy Garland to life, complete with a feather-and-pill-bottle boa.

This is a must-see show brilliantly directed by Richard Kilroy.

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Beaty is a living, breathing TV show that you yearn to see again and again. He signed off with a gorgeous “Two for the Road” (Henry Mancini/Leslie Bricusse) and left us wanting to tune in again. Kevin Carl Beaty is a hit show waiting to explode upon the big screen!

Mary Bogue

Born to upstate New York parents Nelson Binner and Gladys Witt, Mary Bogue was the fourth of five children. Her love of acting was apparent early in her life, when she acted out imagined scenes in the second story hallway of their home on Division Street. Moving to California in 1959 only fueled the fire and soon she tried out and got the part in Beauty and the Beast, a children's production at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. The bug followed her into junior and high school productions, but when she struck out on her own in the early 70s, she found it wasn't as easy as sitting at the world famous Schwab's on Sunset. Her first audition stopped her dead in her tracks for years when the "casting director" expected nudity. It was only in 1990 that she returned to her first love, albeit slowly as she was a caregiver to 16 foster daughters. Only when she was cast in Antonio Bandera's directorial debut, Crazy in Alabama (1999)(which she was cut from) did she pursue this dream.