Celia Berk: You Can’t Rush Spring

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Celia Berk

You Can’t Rush Spring

September 30, 2014

Reviewed by Carla Gordon for Cabaret Scenes

Celia-Berk-You-Can't-Rush-Spring-Cabaret-Scenes-Magazine_212The many voices of Celia Berk grace her classy new CD, You Can’t Rush Spring. Her songs conjure up Julie London sensuality and Jane Olivor storytelling without losing Celia Berk.

She builds into a sassy jazz swing in “You’re All the World to Me” (Burton Lane/Alan Jay Lerner).
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The cello is the perfect beginning for “Sometimes I’d Dream” (Jeffery Klitz/Julie Flanders) in which Berk offers a tender admission to an old love of fantasies about what could have been.
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Her oaky alto also delivers gossamer top notes. On “Go, My Love,” she brings these to Bach’s (Yes, that Bach) rangy melody and Norma Tanega’s sad, but not cloying, words about parting and absence. When it seemed that what this CD needed was extra fun, there’s “The Broken Record” (Cliff Friend/Charlie Tobias/Boyd Bunch) where the love song sticks and repeats. (Back in the day, it was covered by Louis Prima.) To use the lyricist’s word, this song is “daffy” and a smart closing track for an album of otherwise profound choices.

Berk and arranger Alex Rybeck make the right team for this offering of lush, heartfelt songs.

Carla Gordon

Carla Gordon is a singer/songwriter, director, and producer. The Chicago Tribune cited her among “Chicago’s most accomplished cabaret performers….a major player in Chicago cabaret.” Reviewer Pam Peterson called her “Honey-voiced wisecracker!” Ageless Magazine called her performance as Sophie tucker, “A gem!” Gordon writes custom material for singers nationwide. Her flagship show, "Blacklisted," featuring songs made famous by artists blacklisted under McCarthyism, has toured to critical acclaim. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Cabaret Professionals and on the Advisory Board of the Skokie Theater. Her songs air on WFMT’s Midnight Special and are being performed performed by cabaret artists nationwide. carlacabaret@aol.com