Nicky Gayner: Nicky Gayner’s Musical Memories

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Nicky Gayner

Nicky Gayner’s Musical Memories

The Pheasantry, London, UK, April 29, 2024

Reviewed by Gavin Brock

Nicky Gayner

Nicky Gayner’s cabaret show Nicky Gayner’s Musical Memories at The Pheasantry on Kings Road in Chelsea offered a delightfully nostalgic exploration of the songs that underlie our most treasured memories and the enduring resonance of music across generations. Through a tapestry of personal anecdotes and captivating performances, Gayner delved into her own musical lineage, tracing it back to her parents and forward to her own children.

“The Beat Goes On” set the stage for this journey as it wove together echoes of a history that remains as relevant today as ever. Against a backdrop of nostalgic paraphernalia, including vinyl records and childhood mementos, Gayner’s intimate reflections were accompanied by Tom Wakeley on piano. His presence and seemingly effortless musical skill (honed through years as an acclaimed West End musical director) added great charm to the evening’s proceedings, and Tom Foskett-Barnes’ stunning musical arrangements breathed new life into classic standards and 1970s pop ballads.

Gayner’s anecdotes painted vivid pictures of her musical influences from her parents shaping her tastes to the serendipitous origins of her own name in a song. Her storytelling was as enchanting as her vocals; they drew the audience into her journey from her hometown to London, her first jobs, and the fateful encounters that shaped her career.

Beyond the personal narrative, Nicky Gayner’s Musical Memories was a poignant reflection on the universal role of music in our lives. It reminded us of the value we place in songs over time and the profound connections they forge between us. Through Gayner’s heartfelt performance, audiences were invited to rediscover their own musical memories and the enduring power of the songs that are the soundtracks of our lives.

In essence, Gayner’s cabaret was a tender ode to nostalgia, a celebration of the melodies that bind us across time and space. With its blend of captivating storytelling and soul-stirring performances, it was bound to leave an indelible mark on the heartstrings everyone who experienced it.

Gavin Brock

In addition to working full-time as a primary school teacher in London, Gavin is a composer, lyricist and children's author. His Christmas fantasy adventure novel ' Alabaster Snowball and the Naughty List' is published by Troubador. In 2023, his mini-musical 'Krampus Night' was produced by Indieworks Theatre Company, New York and featured in season two of the multi-award winning Bite-Sized Broadway podcast. For more information, please visit