35th Bistro Awards: Photos

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The 25th Bistro Awards were held on Monday, March 9, 2020 at NYC’s Gotham Comedy Club. The packed house was treated to a fast-moving night of entertainment (thanks to director Shellen Lubin) from all of the award winners. Here are photos from the night. The pre-show entertainment was provided by pianist Daryl Kojak, drummer Dwayne “Cook” Broadnaz, and bassist Ritt Henn.

Photos by Maryann Lopinto

Producer Sherry Eaker
Producer Sherry Eaker and
Director Shellen Lubin
Richard Maltby, Jr.
Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award
David Shire
Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award
Lynne Winterseller
singing Maltby & Shire’s “Life Story”
Charlotte Maltby
singing Maltby & Shire’s “Autumn”
Sally Mayes
singing Maltby & Shire’s “Miss Byrd”
Liz Callaway
singing Maltby & Shire’s
“The Story Goes On”
Charles Busch
Creative Artistry
Julie Halston
who introduced Charles Busch
Tom Judson
who accompanied Charles Busch
Lorna Dallas
Consummate Cabaret Artistry
Barry Kleibort
who introduced Lorna Dallas
Christopher Denny
who accompanied Lorna Dallas
Jack Bartholet
Ira Eaker Special Achievement Award
Michele Brourman
Singer-Songwriter-Musical Director
Karen Gottlieb
who Introduced Michele Brourman
Spencer Day
Singer-Songwriter-Recording Artist
Aisha De Haas
Jazz Vocalist
Darius De Haas
who introduced his sister, Aisha
Joanne Halev
Tribute Show (Like A Perfumed Woman)
Sean Harkness, Marcus Simeone, Lina Koutrakos
Musical Group (Clearly Now)
Elizabeth Ward Land
Tribute Show
(Still Within the Sound of my Voice:
The Songs of Linda Ronstadt
Sue Matsuki
Gregory Toroian (with Sue Matsuki)
Nancy McGraw
Interpretive Artistry
(accompanied by Mark Nadler)
Gretchen Reinhage
Recording (Take It With Me)
Tracy Stark
who accompanied Gretchen Reinhagen
Gabrielle Stravelli
Recording (Pick Up My Pieces)
Shirley Crabbe
who introduced Gabrielle Stravelli
Stephanie Trudeau
Tribute Show (Chavela: Think of Me)
Daryl Kojak, Music Director
Gerry Geddes
Bistro Committee Member
Roy Sander
Associate Producer and
Bistro Committee Member
Robert Windeler
Bistro Committee Member
Mark Dundas Wood
Committee Member