Courtney Megaro: Circus of My Mind

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Courtney Megaro

Circus of My Mind

The Duplex, NYC, May 11, 2019

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Courtney Magaro

Courtney Megaro took to the stage at The Duplex to express herself and to dispel any feelings of doubt about her being a performer. Performing is like a privilege that others get to enjoy, and it was a joy to listen to her entertain with an hour of personal stories and songs from musical theater.
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A lot of her stories were about becoming who she is today and hoping to rekindle some of her initial fearlessness; they were also about accepting that the search for love takes time. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t aim high—shoot for the moon to fall among the stars, right?

An example of this is the way she changed some of the lyrics in “Taylor the Latte Boy” (Zina Goldrich/Marcy Heisler) where she joked about her crush, a fictional Tony, the billionaire playboy. She fit her changes into the song well; as she pined for him she finally revealed the identity of her crush: “He’s a flying man of Iron Man—Tony Stark”—a catch indeed. Megaro, who also sang a strong “Who I’d Be” from Shrek, aspires to be on his level. With lyrics like “I could be a Viking or live a life of daring” the song does provide options before affirming its theme—“I guess I’d be a hero.
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Other highlights include “Everybody Say’s Don’t” (Sondheim) and “My House” (Tim Minchin from Matilda the Musical). I most enjoyed her performance of “Times Like This” (Stephen Flaherty/Lynn Ahrens). Though serenading a dog is a bit different from pining for Iron Man, she did especially well on the lyric, “A friendly face, the kind of face/That melts you with a grin.” Partnering with pianist Karen Dryer, Megaro put on a solid show.

Chris Struck

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