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Amanda Green

Amanda Green AF!

Birdland Theater, NYC, September 23, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Amanda Green

Amanda Green’s show at Birdland Theater combined talented actors with well-structured lyrics, allowing them to create visions of people either struggling to cope with identity or moving on from a bad situation. Joined by an exceptional line up including Jenn Collela, Howard McGillin, and Javier Muñoz, Green took to the stage with passion, joy, and gusto, feelings that she easily transmitted to her audience.
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Her capability as a conductor of festivities reigned apparent, leaving us flushed with joy. With a guest appearance by Jason Robert Brown showing off work from a new musical production coordinated with Billy Crystal, the show slid smoothly like a tantalizing melody.
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Green’s final two songs, “Brand New Key” (Melanie Safka) and “Turn the World Off’ (Green/Tom Kitt) stole the show as she built upon fun lyrics heard earlier in the former and demonstrated her strong songwriting capability in the latter. Belting “I’ve got a brand-new pair of roller skates” and following it with “A tone poem” that turned into what sounded like an ’80s love ballad with modern-day lyrics suggesting, “You don’t even need the clothes that you’re in for the vacation that we’re about to begin” from High Fidelity (Green/Kitt), she was on fire. Comparatively, Muñoz and Collela had more character-driven pieces that allowed them to use their dramatic acting abilities. Muñoz sang about being looked down upon due to his ethnicity despite being born a Texan in the song, “Born in Laredo” (Green/Trey Anastasio). Collela was “Getting My Shit Together” (Green/Kitt), where she decided to make dramatic life changes based on unfortunate circumstances.

Other performers who graced the stage with their exceptional presence were Mandy Gonzalez and Ryann Redmond. Both added brilliantly to songs from a musical in the works about women’s reproductive rights in the 1800s. MD for the evening was Matt Gallagher, and Sean McDaniel added a consistent rhythm from behind a trap set as drummer. Green returns to Birdland Theater in November promising to be just as entertaining.

Chris Struck

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