Jaie Wells: An Enchanted Affair

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Jaie Wells

An Enchanted Affair

The Duplex, NYC, August 18, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Jaie Wells

Electric, powerful, sexy. Those are three easy words to describe this “Affair” with Jaie Wells. From the moment he entered the room in a leopard-lapel white tuxedo, shimmering as though he had an in with the mistress of style, to the last dance, he owned the scene and our attention. Wells brought a fresh look to The Duplex known for its innovative new performances and its behind-the-scenes look into budding artists. His choreography was on point aided by dancers Dajuan Harris and Laura Mallon, and his lyrics touched on a variety of modern pop styles featuring guest rapper Mr. Melly, all supported by guitarist Israel Sanchez. The result: pure bliss.

Wells’ voice provides what was needed for his songs.

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His tireless work ethic could be seen from the excellent timing and fluidity of his lyrics. That’s what he seems to personify best as he demonstrated the very lines of the Alicia Keys-recorded “Empire State of Mind.

” Wells’ style and song choices melted into a love potion on “Champagne and Nachos,” an original song by him and Melly. Few things are more inspiring to try after a song than champagne and nachos. Few things are more inspiring to try after a song than champagne and nachos. From there, the show evolved from song to song into a sensual dance party guided by Wells’ smooth and well-choreographed moves.

His show will put you in a good mood. Learn more about Wells at itsjaie.com.

Chris Struck

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