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Amy Friedl Stoner


Don’t Tell Mama, NYC, May 19, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Amy Friedl Stoner

Amy Freidl Stoner has shown up on the cabaret scene as a confident, classy performer who likes to sing a variety of classics and hits any number of stops when she makes it out to New York. This time it was Birdland, Carnegie Hall, and a little nook in the wall that many in the biz know very well, Don’t Tell Mama. Stoner, a newcomer to New York, wasted no time on nostalgia, and yet straddled the memory of New York’s past with Sondheim classics like “Some People” (music: Jule Styne) and “Marry Me a Little.” Funny, when put side by side as titles, each required a different dimension from the voice of a sultry singer, who often showed that she could go into high notes well with crisp alacrity.

Stoner also grabbed up a few more surprising numbers that created and developed her classic charm which evolves out of her own story of Midwestern girl meets New York City. The best examples of this were Gretchen Peters’ “On a Bus to St. Cloud” and Natalie Merchant/Rob Buck’s “Dust Bowl.” Each had a slight tie to New York, but called upon the country girl within, reaching out with, “And it’s strange but it’s true/You just slipped out of view/Like a face in the crowd on a bus to St. Cloud.” My favorites were the back-to-back combination in the heart of the show, Prince’s “Kiss” and Jason Robert Brown’s “Another Life.

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” Her passionate choruses moved the soul.

Rick Jensen joined this equally detail-oriented singer on the keys.

Between the two, they brought out a little of Stoner’s story and cruised through a fun set of songs gracefully.

We’ll be lucky to see her again when she comes back!

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