Leanne Borghesi: Leanne Borghesi’s Mood Swings

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Leanne Borghesi

Leanne Borghesi’s Mood Swings

The Triad, NYC, February 13, 2018

Reviewed by Rob Lester for Cabaret Scenes


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Thumbing through thesaurus isn’t necessarily to describe Leanne Borghesi’s show. “Fearless” firstly jumps to mind. Mind you, it’s not just that she’ll seemingly do anything for a laugh. She elicits giddy giggles galore. (She’d gamely be shot out of a cannon, I suspect, singing while zooming.) High-energy antics and mega-winking light up this thinking-outside-the-box, outrageous act.
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“I Put a Spell on You” she promises—and she does.  

“Everybody’s Girl” (Kander & Ebb) is rowdy but cute. Big-voiced, bawdy, boisterous, blissful, Borghesi, boa-draped, bounces around, brings up game audience members for games (spin the prop Wheel of Lust). As directed by Nick Minas, the act with this very savvy Entertainer (capital “E” intentional/appropriate) knows just how far to go. She’s over the top, but doesn’t overdo or overstay her welcome within any one mood in her Mood Swings. And, yes, the title means two things—when the mood strikes, she can swing like nobody’s business. She’ll smoothly move from nutty characterization (semi-demented diva) to full-blast belt, pulling out the stops—or pull back, with restrained, well-etched lyric interpretation. “Night and Day” sizzles. Accompaniment for this party/parade combo: a combo led by Brandon Adams with old-school snap, crackle and pow.        

Next Triad date: April 16.

Rob Lester

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