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The Duplex, NYC, February 1, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Produced and directed by the talented duo that breathes life into The Duplex, Thomas Honeck and Lisa Moss, Relationsh!t brought a bunch of special singers and songwriters together to spoof relationships as we come nearer to Valentine’s Day. While the performers may have come in with satisfying relationships, their partners may think twice after hearing what they have to say. (Only slightly kidding.)

Andrew David Sotomayor (piano and music director) started the hysterics off well with a “Loneliness Medley,” which utilized snippets from songs about the isolation, like “Eleanor Rigby” (Paul McCartney) and “One” (Harry Nilsson) for comedic effect. From there, it was essentially all originals performed by singers who had good voices and a knack for comedy. In order of appearance these included Ali Gordon, Michael Andrew Daly, Sasha Weiss, Becky Geggatt, Tim Marriott, and Katie Bland.

The lyrics were generally complicated enough to be interesting, and simple enough to be funny.

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Using expectations about pop tunes or proper relationship behavior, songwriters like David Ippolito turned things on their heads when Gordon delivered, “I’d walk anywhere with anyone but you.” Other songwriters became even more pointed with selections like “Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife” (music: Billie Joe Armstrong; lyrics Tim Hawkins), which was probably my favorite of the evening and was sung by Marriott, who led a pair of significantly strong male singers. Daly, for his part, did well on his numbers, most memorably when he pontificated on the status of his relationships in a song about ill-fated love called “Carol Brown” (Jermaine Clement/Bret McKenzie), where the chorus ends with “Carol Brown just took a bus out of town/ But I’m hoping that you’ll stick around.”

However good they were, they could only come sort of close to measuring up to their opposite-sex counterparts who stepped it up a notch. While Gordon seemed the most polished and focused of the performers, the type that you could cast as the know-it-all, the others offered up plenty of memorable moments.

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For example, Weiss’s delivery during “The Thing About Dylan” (music: Doug Katsaros; lyrics: Amanda Yesnowitz) opened up another level of laughter as she reminisced on a tryst with a barely legal young man while she was in her late “Flirties” (30s).

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Individually, Geggatt and Bland did well to bring out the comedic value in “couple songs.” Geggatt wondered (in song form) whether she had made the wrong decision about a man with refrain a similar to Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons,” only ending with the words, “So many reasons to love you, but I don’t” (Tim Aumiller and Scott Schneider: “So Many Reasons”).

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Bland ended the night’s set on the highest note, however, with an absolute firecracker of a song: “Sacrifice of Love” (Joshua H.

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Cohen), about getting a Brazilian wax job done for a man and requiring all the things she could possibly have in return after the pain starts to come.

This combination of wonderful performers seemed to fit well with the theme and, while none of them busted my eardrums, they accomplished their work with clear professionalism.

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I’m curious to see what they get up to next as comedy seems to fit them well — maybe better than they expected, too.

Chris Struck

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