Toshi Cappuccino: Super Late Bloomer

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Toshi Cappuccino

Super Late Bloomer

The Duplex, NYC, January 7, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Toshi Cappuchino

Toshi Cappuccino brought his big voice and bravado back to The Duplex for a sometimes playful, often risqué self-written musical, Super Late Bloomer, set to air in Tokyo, Japan this month. The show, performed completely from a script written in Japanese, flowed chronologically and smoothly through Cappuccino’s life journey to becoming a New York cabaret performer.
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As expected of Cappuccino, his smooth projection and booming voice were only matched by his dedication to capturing his specific audience’s attention and imagination. The setting of a dressing room, complete with multiple costume changes before our eyes, certainly struck a particular chord with the Japanese ladies. At one point, he displayed an impressive build, stripping down to only a pair of briefs before putting on a revealing yukata with a pink mesh front.
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While that might have drawn envy from the men, he tended to get a lot more laughs from them, especially for his jokes and his song “Yobai,”  about sneaking into a boy’s bedroom to have sex.

Unfortunately, Cappuccino’s lovely pianist, Migiwa Miyajima, won’t be joining him abroad. She has been a constant companion for a few years, and Cappuccino built a shout-out to her and her excellent work into the show. Finally, the highlight of the night was the title song/finale, “Super Late Bloomer,” which has the catchy line, “I will trust myself and never give it up/I’m gonna run, run, run,” to which many of the audience members could already sing along. Cappuccino clearly took his performance very seriously and, after three shows at The Duplex, I think he is ready for his performance across the Pacific.

Chris Struck

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