Steve Ross Conducts a Master Class

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Steve Ross
Master Class/ Workshop

The Song in You and You in the Song

Steve Ross

Beginning later this month, Steve Ross, “The Crown Prince of Cabaret,” will conduct a master class, The Song in You and You in the Song, an intimate song study and performance workshop.

This is not a class in vocal instruction. You do not have to be a professional singer to participate, but you will have to have a basic knowledge of singing.

The atmosphere will be relaxed and collaborative.

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Steve is eager to make some good music with you!

You can sign up for one session or more than one session, if there’s room. Arrangements are being handled by Steve’s assistant Dena Kaufman. Contact her at or 917.848.4797 (call/text).
Saturday Jan. 20 (1-4 pm)
Thursday, Jan. 25 (7-10 pm)
Tuesday, Jan. 30 (7 -10 pm)
Saturday, Jan. 27 (1-4 pm)
Saturday, Feb. 3 (1-4 pm)
Saturday, Feb. l0 (1-4 pm)
255 West 84th St. #12-D, NYC
Steve will be at the keyboard. Please provide, in advance, the titles of the three songs (which you’ll be asked to bring with you) and their keys, if known. To your session, you’ll also need to bring copies of the sheet music as well as three copies of the songs’ lyrics typed in a medium-large font, double-spaced.
Regarding the song choices
Steve is most comfortable with material from the Great American Songbook and Broadway/Off-Broadway, but is happy to prepare whatever else you might wish to work on. He is also partial to classics from the 1960s and 1970s.

You might be asked to scan a given song to Dena.
The songs you bring can be ones you know well and would like to examine more deeply, songs you’ve always wanted to work on, or songs you are working on. Memorization is not required.
In any case we shall, as the workshop’s title suggests, do our best to make sure that the SONG is in YOU and, more importantly, YOU are in the SONG!
The fee is $75 in cash or check made out to Steve Ross to be collected by Dena at the door on the day of.
If you decide to join in on this musical adventure, please indicate which session(s) you’d like to attend. We all know things can come up, so it is requested that a cancellation be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled session.
Note: Steve Ross will be performing his Alan Jay Lerner tribute show at Birdland in NYC on January 22.

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