Meg Flather: Hold On Tight

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Meg Flather

Hold On Tight

Don’t Tell Mama, NYC, September 16, 2017

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Meg Flather

Meg Flather has a fun side, and she knows how to use it along with her tremendous voice. Hold On Tight celebrated the release of her album of the same name with a combination of the songs from the CD and selections that had inspired her own work. Some of her lyrics were very catchy, especially these from the lead song, “Hold on tight to the moment breathe it in clear the mind of tomorrow (where you’ve been).” Flather’s chorus on the piece and her ability to repeat note sequences without relying on the same words draws the listener deeper in.

Her stage presence also added to the show.

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Starting out sitting on the piano, with her talented friends–husband Jamie Rogers on the bass guitar, and Tracy Stark behind the keys–she moved around the stage as if she were on her own patio inviting us to share her moment.

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Her exceptional expressiveness was on display in her original song, “Like Me,” where she begged the audience to “like” her on Facebook with painfully excited smiles.

Another highlight of the night and the album is the spectacular “Find a Way to Me,” which Flather wrote about a friend’s experience with an autistic child. The song fits so well with the search for autonomy that it is still used on the National Autism Association (New York Metro) website. Flather has written numerous songs for awareness groups.

Meg Flather’s show was fun and heartwarming, and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

Chris Struck

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