Mackenzie Wrap

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Mackenzie Wrap

Tom Rolla’s Gardenia, West Hollywood, CA, July 27, 2017

Reviewed by Les Traub for Cabaret Scenes

Thirteen-year-old Mackenzie Wrap made her solo cabaret debut at the Gardenia and the poise, confidence, and ability she displayed belied her age. All of that and more was apparent from her opening number, “Like Love.” Her vocal range and the control she has with her voice was on display as she scatted to the stratosphere during the song. Her song selection was designed to showcase her versatility, and her mastery of varied musical styles was evident throughout the show. Be it pop, jazz, opera, country, traditional Great American Songbook, blues or Broadway, she handled it with ease. It wasn’t a case of “Look what I can do now,” but an embracing of the various styles that was very natural, sat well in her voice and, most importantly, was something she was not only comfortable with, but was also having fun with.

One danger in a young person’s show is the possibility of singing age-inappropriate songs.

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Wrap addressed that early by stating that not many good songs are written for people her age. She also addressed it with humor with her second number, “You Make Me Feel So Young,” done slow and sweet before turning into a jazzy mood.

Several of the songs were from the repertoire of one of her musical idols, Kristin Chenoweth, including “Glitter and Be Gay” and her encore number, “The Girl in 14G.” Wrap told of meeting her idol after a concert and how she looked at her and said, “I believe in you.” Wrap sold those numbers so convincingly that it certainly justified Chenoweth’s belief.

Included in the show was a new song, “Scene of the Crime,” written for her by Ken Hirsch and Rosy Casey.

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Mike Farrell’s touch as musical director was perfect, and Keri Kelsey assisted Wrap in artfully shaping the program.

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Les Traub

Les Traub has been covering the cabaret scene for over twenty years. He is a co-founder and President of Cabaret West and has produced cabaret shows at the Jazz Bakery, Cinegrill, Gardenia, El Portal Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse and at UCLA. He co-produced and wrote a Sammy Cahn tribute show at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. He is Chairman of the Board of Musical Theatre Guild, where he co- produced Sail Away, High Spirits, Little Mary Sunshine and Street Scene at the Alex Theatre. He has lectured on cabaret in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Connecticut. .

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  1. Patee Spurlock

    I was there at the Gardenia. This last two songs before 14B were so sentimental I had goosebumps and major tears all through both songs. Gave me vision of Mom/Dad and Sister in heaven❣️ I have had MacKenzie sing at our Annual USO Show at the San Diego Airport branch of USO. She did 14B and blew everyone away. I was so proud of her one girl show and her ability and maturity! Have to give kudos to her Mom and Dad for really letting her follow her dream path in ways she could not navigate alone at this young age! Met her awhile back at Vocal Coach Karyn Overstreet’s Showcase in Coronado and got to know her Mom and was so pleased to ride up with her Aunt and Uncle and Tim Moore Hennesey’s Cabaret Night in La Jolla❣️

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