Celia Mei Rubin: #35andFabulous

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Celia Mei Rubin


The Green Room 42, NYC, October 1, 2018

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes


jpg” alt=”” width=”212″ height=”212″ /> Celia Mei Rubin
Photo: Violeta Meyners

Celia Mei Rubin is fabulous. Highlighting the dancing skill that brought her to Broadway, she shimmied into the room and kept the high kicks going as she laughed and reveled in another year gone by with an enraptured audience for her birthday show at The Green Room 42.

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Her big smile and big personality became the overarching story of the show.

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Her songs brought out the romantic in her, as well as the dream-capturing diva who has been able to successfully transition to New York from London.

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On the way, she has worked with her idols and a number of talented performers who joined her to pay tribute to a wonderful life in the theater.

My favorite songs were a couple of mermaid numbers. The first, “I’m a Mermaid” (Pearl Rhein), revealed Rubin as enchantress with the line, “You think you’ll escape if you get stuck/but I’m a mermaid and I don’t give a f$%#.

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” She finished her show with a resounding “Part of Your World” (Alan Menken/Howard Ashman), which set a brave tone for the year ahead.

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Rubin’s guests also impressed, including Gary Milner, Analise Scarpaci, Mary Page Nance, and Sophie Lee Morris. Milner and Scarpaci deserve the highest praise. Milner was a fine singer with a smooth sound on “Pretty Music” (Parade), a show in which he and Rubin once performed. Scarpaci also performed a number from a show in which she and Rubin shared billing, Matilda. Scarpaci’s multi-dimensional voice went soft and loud in a mashup of two songs from Matilda, “Naughty” and “Quiet” (both by Tim Minchin) in which her brilliance momentarily stole the spotlight.

Rubin’s band included pianist and musical director Seth Bisen-Hersh who wrote a few songs for the evening, such as “Sidekick,” where he and Rubin traded jabs about being each other’s hero and providing support for each other.

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The other musicians were Joshua Priest (guitar), Mark Van Ziegler (bass), and Mark Dover (clarinet), who contributed to the musical accompaniment admirably.

Chris Struck

Chris Struck's debut novel, Kennig and Gold, is due to be officially published in June 2019. He's written reviews for Cabaret Scenes since August of 2017. For more information about the writer, see StruckChris.com