Kyle Coughlin

| August 11, 2017

Kyle Coughlin

Don’t Tell Mama, NYC, August 4, 2017

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Kyle Coughlin

Kyle Coughlin came to singing at Don’t Tell Mama from Actor Therapy, an acting class led by two experienced contemporary musical theater performers: Lindsay Mendez (Wicked) and Ryan Scott Oliver (Darling). Coughlin, dressed casually in a t-shirt, started off ambitiously with one of Freddie Mercury’s fan favorites, “Don’t Stop Me Now.” With good delivery and timing, he quickly got the crowd into his performance. It helped that he had a playful personality, and he enjoyed leaning toward that jovial side, dedicating a wonderful and impressive yodel to The Stockyards, a place he used to perform at down south. Perhaps he was at times a little too playful, however, since not much connected one song to another. He pulled out a couple nostalgic choices in the Pokémon and Rugrats theme songs. A lot of the younger crowd sang along to these. He talked a little bit about his love life, selecting songs that helped him get through bumps in the road. Among the best were the Norah Jones-recorded “Feelin’ the Same Way” (Lee Alexander) and “Someday” from The Wedding Singer. While at points he stayed a little even in his tone, he showed that he had the range necessary to do some difficult material. He also put on a fun and inclusive show, featuring guest performers, including Dionne Slay, a guitar-playing drag queen. With more consistency between songs and a more developed story, Kyle Coughlin will be a fun performer to watch.

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