Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

Like an old-time soap opera, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, asks the question: Can this little girl from Brooklyn find happiness across the river as a successful Manhattan songwriter? She can if she’s Carole King, nee Klein.

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The Cabaret Hall of Fame

THE CABARET SCENES HALL OF FAME From time to time, we will honor great performers, composers, lyricists, musical directors (both living and deceased), by election into our Hall of Fame.…

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Bob Jungr at 59E59

Listen to jazz/folk/blues singer Barb Jungr and you will hear familiar songs come alive with fresh truth. Jungr's recent but too-short run at 59E59 offered a peek into the unique…

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Lorna Dallas Is “Home Again”

Lorna Dallas Is “Home Again” May 12, 2020 Lorna DallasPhoto: Kevin Alvey Singer-actress Lorna Dallas (see article in the January 2019 issue of Cabaret Scenes) had been away from the…

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