On Difficulty in Securing Performance Photos

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Alix Cohen

Soapbox: Cabaret

On Difficulty in Securing Performance Photos

June 6, 2016

Alix-Cohen-Cabaret-Scenes-Magazine_212Recently, planning to attend a cabaret show for which I was unable to secure a photographer, I wrote to the performer requesting that if she couldn’t arrange a professional photographer (understandable), she at least should have a friend take some good Smart Phone images. Performance photos are ALWAYS preferable.

They accurately reflect to readers what we’ve seen as well as making a review more presentable for PR purposes.

I was heartened to see a photographer at the show and got in touch with the vocalist afterwards. She had not received images. I waited, assuming the photos would be forthcoming. Two days later, I got the same response. Most of us endeavor to get pieces up in a timely fashion, especially if there are more shows to come. It was, I think, another two days before the artist suggested I contact her director as the photographer was her friend—not lifting a finger to her own benefit. I did so.

The director had not been asked for photos by her client. She gave me the photographer’s contact information and I wrote to him. He, in turn, had been asked for photos by neither of the women. Excuse me if I’m a bit incredulous here.

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I’m hoping to receive images today.

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If you don’t help us, we can’t help you. You should care about how you’re represented. We live in a visual age, especially on the internet.

Participate in your careers.

Alix Cohen

Alix Cohen’s writing began with poetry, segued into lyrics then took a commercial detour. She now authors pieces about culture/the arts, including reviews and features. A diehard proponent of cabaret, she’s also a theater aficionado, a voting member of Drama Desk, The Drama League and of The NY Press Club in addition to MAC. Currently, Alix writes for Cabaret Scenes, Theater Pizzazz and Woman Around Town. Additional pieces have been published by The New York Post, The National Observer’s Playground Magazine, Pasadena Magazine and Times Square Chronicles. Alix is the recipient of six New York Press Club Awards.