May 20 & 21: Jeff Harnar

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Jeff Harnar

May 20 & 21 

The Royal Room at the Colony Hotel
  155 Hammon Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida

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“His baritone voice is as smooth as supple chamois leather. This is an artist who connects as he performs, not only in the slow turn that allows him to see and be seen by every corner of the room, but by looking into our faces, registering and responding to reactions. He understands that cabaret requires intimacy. Exuding a warmth and eagerness to entertain, he draws us in.
Cabaret Scenes

“The most important male cabaret singer to emerge since Michael Feinstein.”     — The New York Times

“Harnar is out to have fun. And we do, too.” — The Times London

“Sincerely sophisticated showmanship.” — Jazz Times

“Gold from a 14-karat voice” — The New York Post

“Jeff Harnar performs with a joy that can only be called true style.” — Liza Minnelli

“I discover something new in a lyric every time I hear Jeff Harnar sing.”                         — Michael Feinstein