Eric Stevens

Eric cut his “vocal teeth” in his native Washington, D.C. After degreeing at JMU, then Army service, he spent the l960s in New York trying to be the next Andy Williams. He was managed by Karl Lassen, then Herb Handman. Eric opened for Bill Cosby, played on the hit, The Preacherman, and performed with Erskine Hawkins, Bill Conti, Joe Farrell, Paul Motian, Elliott Gould, Keeffe Brasselle, and Illona Massey. Then, “the music died.” In l969 he returned to Virginia, as a singer, comic-m.c., bandleader, pianist, bassist, journalist, and actor (Another Life). In 2002, Stevens began penning “Sophisticated Songs” for cabaret, jazz, pop, and more. Being a 50/50 tunesmith/wordsmith, he digs Rodgers, Legrand, Frishberg and the Bergmans.

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The Pro Shop: Is Your Name Holding You Back?

| December 20, 2014 | 0 Comments
The Pro Shop: Is Your Name Holding You Back?

Is your name an asset, merely satisfactory, or a drawback?

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