July/August 2021

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July/August 2021
Volume: XXVI No. 4

Remembering Arthur Pomposello
Joanne Beretta
by James Gavin
Major Songwriters of The American Songbook
Cole Porter
by Harlan James
In The Wick of Tome
by Randolph Eigenbrode
Music at the Mansion Porch Performances

New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, London
Los Angeles, Maryland/Virginia/Washington D.C.
National, Palm Springs, Pennsylvania/New Jersey/Delaware
ASA Donors
Cabaret Listings

Cabaret Reviews
Broadway Perspectives, Michael Feinstein, Jeremy Jordon
Marilyn Maye, Phoenix Theatre Company
Scottsdale Musical Theatre. Rufus Wainwright
CD Reviews
The Rebecca Kilgore Trio, Anaïs Reno, Amber Weeks

The Marvel of Marilyn Maye
by Todd Sussman
Photo by Kevin Alvey

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