Annie Sherman: Piaf Lives

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Annie Sherman

Piaf Lives

The Green Room 42, NYC, August 7, 2019

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Annie Sherman

Annie Sherman has put together a well-orchestrated and incredibly detailed show based on an Edith Piaf interview in Purgatory. It wasn’t quite Purgatory; she’ll be performing shows for an audience, on Earth, until the end of time.

The concept had Sherman as Piaf discussing with a disembodied voice why she deserves to get into Hell.

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Eventually it is revealed that it’s to see her greatest love, Marcel Cerdan. It’s a little complex for a cabaret show perhaps. Still, Sherman was able to deliver some one-liners, like remarking on the death of a lover, “and they thought I killed him.

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Sherman did a lot of things right in her show, but there were still some pieces missing, such as not singing in enough songs in French and not including “La Belle histoire d’amour.” However, the audience could at least understand her lyrics, and she performed a particularly strong “La vie en rose” (Piaf/David Mack/ Louiguy) and played a shimmering, white accordion on almost every song. Sherman had other such strong moments.

She started off with an impassioned “Padam, Padam” (Norbert Glanzberg/Henri Alexandre Contet), performing in a sultry, Piaf-like voice, “Time after time I ask why…Padam, Padam.

” She also sang in French for at least one full song, “Non, je ne regretted rien” (Charles Dumont/Michel Vaucaire).

This show has potential. It could use some adjustments, but you’ll get to learn to what extent Piaf’s life was filled with debauchery.

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