Sean Harkness & Marcus Simeone: Blue

| September 21, 2017

Sean Harkness & Marcus Simeone


Don’t Tell Mama, NYC, September 1, 2017

Reviewed by Chris Struck for Cabaret Scenes

Sean Harkness (L) & Marcus Simeone

Marcus Simeone and Sean Harkness performed an elegant combination of blues songs and jazzy guitar solos to a seemingly awed audience. Dedicated to the loss of his husband of 17 years, it became apparent that Blue fits Simeone’s mood and style excellently. Dressed in all black—t-shirt, jeans and shoes—his heartfelt emotion rang through his fluid, suave voice, easing us into the set with an enchanting medley and the classic country ballad, “The Blue Side” (David Lasley/Allee Willis). Sean Harkness’ talented and sometimes unbelievably gifted guitar riffs backed Simeone’s enchanting feel as he inconsolably opened up his heart on the lines, “What I’ve got they used to call the blues” and “Same old me, in the same old clothes.” After this opening, the duo discussed the impetus for their show. Harkness then performed the first of three solo guitar numbers that were positioned throughout the show, “When Sunny Gets Blue.” As Simeone put it, Harkness’ fingers must have been “bleeding,” because he played so quickly and effortlessly. One of these guitar solos was an especially stunning original called “Holy Days.” However, Simeone truly captured my heart with “When Something Is Wrong with My Baby,” “Angel Eyes,” and a quick-paced “Mood Indigo.” The palpable emotion brought me into a nostalgic place.

Simeone has another show 10/21 to celebrate the release of his CD. I would highly recommend checking out the show and I look forward to it!

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Kenny Karen

It was a fun performance.