Benefit Shows: An Awareness

| February 9, 2017

Alix Cohen’ s Soapbox

Benefit Shows: An Awareness

February 9, 2017

Alix Cohen

Alix Cohen

I was distressed Tuesday night to find so few from the cabaret community had turned out for a show benefiting Cabaret Scenes, the ONLY publication committed to cabaret and one which is subsidized by its publisher, Peter Leavy. While the cover was inadvisably high (the low end was $35.00), the club did donate 100% of the cover to the magazine. Still, the question remains: WHERE WERE YOU?!

Among so-called philanthropic events, there are those that proudly(?!) advertise that a mere 10% goes to charity, those that reveal not a single specific about financial allocation, and those few that visibly involve the people who benefit. Could anything be more obvious than a show backing the single source of consistent concern and coverage to a genre now generally ignored by entertainment reporters?!

For God’s sake, people, get involved! If you have recommendations for the magazine or its web site, especially anything having to do with generating more exposure and income, speak up! If you know anyone who might put money into the organization, pursue! Taking advantage while giving nothing back has become a national epidemic.

In a field where no one grows rich and most just get by—excepting those with decent, separate incomes for whom there’s no excuse not to contribute—attendance at any benefit requires personal prioritization. Do you know how the stated charity is served? Think about it. Performers who lend their skills without remuneration—some altruistic, others in search of exposure—should also be informed. On this occasion, a roster of talent the level of which reflected respect and commitment, knew exactly where funds were going.

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